0.8.0 for Ubuntu



A complete media player based on MPlayer


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If you use MPlayer or you have tried it at some time, then you probably aren't very satisfied with its interface, which is simple and pretty awkward.

However, we can make the image of this media player much better. This is, more or less, the mission of SMPlayer, which, using the characteristics of MPlayer, shows the controls in a much more meticulous interface and adds new functions.

Among these new functions are the option to adjust the image of the video to your needs, advanced support for subtitles that, in addition to letting you choose what subtitles you want to see, also allows you to edit they way that they are shown, and the option to choose what language to play the video you are watching in.

As you will be able to see, SMPLayer pays a great amount of attention to fixing the controls for playing DVDs, and that is one of the main points it focuses on. It even adds advanced support for DVD menus.

Repository: ppa:rvm/smplayer
Architecture: i386